Website Design

Structure SEO offers high quality website design services across North American and the Caribbean. We specialize in capturing your business brand style and translating it into a website that is designed to convert users. We utilize the most popular content management systems including WordPress and Drupal to produce a website that is easy to manage and edit. We deal with all company sizes including startup businesses and offer affordable solutions for a professionally designed website that is ready to be listed at the top in Google.

We offer fully responsive website design services perfect for all screen sizes including mobile devices.

Website Optimization

As part of our full service website approach, we offer code optimization and plugin management to help boost your rankings in search engines. We follow Google best practices to improve important areas such as page loading time, script issues, minimization, and much more. Let our experts structure your website in a way that Google can’t ignore. By improving upon your website code you will create a better visitor experience resulting in more conversions.

We improve your website so that visitors stay longer and have a better experience. We also optimize your code in a style search engines love.

Website Management Services

Many companies cannot afford to have a dedicated website developer on their team. We offer a full service approach to website management including website backups, updates, and troubleshooting. We also are experts at creating unique content that is relevant to your business. Our website management services allow you to be free from worrying about your website and focus on other important areas of your business.

Our services include content creation and blog writing to ensure that you stay relevant with updated information for visitors and search engines.

Conversion Optimization

We all know that it can be expensive to gain visitors to a website. One of the most important things for a business is that these visitors actually result in leads and inquiries. Our website conversion specialists are experts at optimizing your website so that more visitors convert to customers. We focus on advanced analytics to ensure that conversion forms are front and center where visitors are actually looking on your site.

One of the best areas for improvement on most websites is conversion optimization. Are you ready to convert more visitors into leads?

Let’s Talk Website Creation and Design.